Satoru, below is my testimonial, let me know if this works. I also attached a profile shot for you. Feel free to crop or adjust it to what you need.

Thank you again for all your help! Words still can’t express my gratitude!


“For over two years I struggled with an internal bleeding hemorrhoid. I tried many so called ‘remedies’ with only incremental changes and no relief. Then I started seeing Satoru. With his consistent acupuncture treatment combined with a change in diet and herbs my condition cleared within two months!”


Tomoe Yoshida

I was struggling with insomnia and my irregular period cycle. My body has got released since I started to go Dr. Ozawa’s acupuncture.

Now I can sleep naturally, and my period cycle got better. I think if I didn’t see Dr. Ozawa, I would be in a more serious condition.


Jacqueline Jones

Ozawa Acupuncture Clinic is amazing!
I originally sought treatment for back pain and after a lengthy consultation with Satoru, I learned just how much my back pain was not only physical, but from a lot of stress and external factors.

Satoru has been able to provide treatments that have long lasting affect and has provided significant relief.

Satoru’s course of acupuncture treatments have helped me with not just my chronic back pain, but many other issues, sleep, tinnitus, weight control and overall lack of energy.

I have had great results which has improved my quality of life significantly.

I have recommended Satoru to family and friends.

Thank you, Satoru.